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Auto Glass One is a provider of high-quality auto glass products that prioritize safety and excellent workmanship. Our rates are the most affordable in town, and we are committed to delivering exceptional value and cost savings to our loyal customer base. We have a passion for our work and aim to provide the best possible service to our clients, no matter how simple or complex their auto glass requirements may be. The repeat business from our satisfied customers is proof of their complete satisfaction with the quality of our work, and we are proud to be their reliable partner in fulfilling their auto glass needs.

We update our chip repair tools every year and stay on top of the most recent technology. It’s a quick process and takes only about 30 minutes per chip and it is a walk in service, no appointments needed

Chip Repair

When a small rock or object hits a windshield, it causes a nick in the glass and creates a damaged spot known as a chip. This commonly happens when debris is thrown by other vehicles or when rocks fall out of dump trucks. Although chips may be small and hard to see, the loud sound of the impact usually alerts drivers to their presence.

It is crucial to fix even the slightest damage to your windshield at the earliest. Neglecting it may lead to dirt and debris getting trapped in the area of the chip, which can hinder or prevent the repair process altogether. The chip can also get further contaminated with dirt due to weather conditions or windshield wipers. Even washer fluid with dyes can cause discoloration in the area. If the repair is not done promptly, the outcome may not be as satisfactory as expected. The resin used in the repair process may seal in the debris, leaving a hazy or unclean appearance in the repaired area.

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Mobile Service

The mobile service offered by our company allows us to serve customers in the Greater Baltimore area, including neighborhoods, businesses, and parking lots. This eliminates the inconvenience of customers having to locate us and wait for their vehicle to be serviced. We can repair or replace windshields while customers are at home or work, and we make sure to utilize every available space within a parking lot when working. Our service extends to the Greater Baltimore area, including the suburbs.

In the Greater Baltimore area, we offer free mobile services for windshield repair, windshield replacement, chip repair, and all other auto glass services to our customers.

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We offer a lifetime warranty on every auto glass or windshield replacement we do. Our warranty covers against leakage, material defects and workmanship. We stand behind the work we do.


Same Day Service

We offer fast, convenient, same day service. In most cases, a windshield replacement takes only about an hour. Come to our shop or we can come to you!

Windshield Repair

Free Mobile Service

Our experts will drive a fully equipped van to your convenient location, free of any additional charge. Get your auto glass fixed today, we come to you, fast, free and, impeccable.

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Ask us how much we can save you on your deductibles. Choose Auto Glass One, experience peace of mind with our outstanding quality service, and, SAVE MONEY!

Auto Glass Insurance

Auto Glass One works with major insurance companies to save you money. Contact Auto Glass One as soon as possible to help you with your insurance claim. Our auto glass experts have all the necessary skills and knowledge to evaluate your windshield repair or replacement needs. Don't risk the safety of your family because of a cracked windshield!

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